A constructive general meeting of the Zope Foundation

We just had a constructive general meeting of the Zope Foundation on IRC, the first one under the new bylaws.

Even though we had some issues with cleaning up our membership roster, we luckily got it all cleared up during the meeting. The election results were ratified by the membership and we are starting off with a larger more active board. As the old board, we tried to clear the way for such a board, and I hope we'll be able to continue to increase the relevance and visibility of the Foundation.

The new board consists of:

  • Christian Theune
  • Stephan Richter
  • Tres Seaver
  • Jens Vagelpohl
  • Rob Page
  • Andreas Jung
  • Martijn Faassen (myself)

I think this is a very good range of people active in our community, with some fresh people who weren't active on previous boards, and hopefully a renewed energy. Cheers to the new board!

As a special note here I want to thank Lennart Regebro in helping clearing up the issues caused by the bylaws transition that came up earlier this week. While the initial interaction we had earlier this week was very discouraging to me, I understand we were both upset for understandable reasons. Lennart has been very constructive in helping us resolve the issue considering our "limbo members". As a result of this and thanks to the support by the membership during our general meeting, we can now put that particular episode behind us.

I know Lennart quite well, like him and respect him, and I know he cares about Zope and the Foundation. My previous blog posting wasn't intended to cause community members to give him undeserved grief. I can do that just fine by myself when I want to. :). Lennart is good people.

My blog entry was just my public response to what had become a public issue, and an expression of my feelings at the time. I feel a lot better now, and wish to thank everybody who gave me support. Your appreciation is appreciated!