Announcing BowerStatic

I've been working on something new these last few weeks that I'd like to share with you: BowerStatic.

BowerStatic is Python WSGI framework for easily serving and including components that you manage by using Bower.

Let's unpack that:

  • BowerStatic serves static resources (JS, CSS, etc) for you. It makes sure those resources are cached when they can be, and that the cache is automatically busted when you change them.
  • BowerStatic can serve third-party components you can easily install using bower install. It can also serve locally developed components for you.
  • BowerStatic can automatically create inclusions for static resources in your web page; it inserts <script> and <link> tags for you automatically
  • It is a WSGI-based framework, meaning that you should be able to integrate it easily into any WSGI-based Python web application. So if you use Pyramid, Flask or Morepath: BowerStatic is for you!

Look at the BowerStatic website for much more information about all this. And check out the source. Contributions are welcome!

BowerStatic was heavily inspired by another project that I helped create: Fanstatic. For more information on how things led up to BowerStatic, read the history section in the docs.

I am not done yet. I still need to work on some of the cache busting behavior, improve error reporting. But soon it will be time for the first release.

Deeper integration with the Morepath web framework is also coming. I have a good idea of what know what it will look like. Look out for more.static soon!