How to do REST with Morepath

Another day, another piece of Morepath documentation. Morepath is your friendly neighborhood Python microframework with super powers.

Morepath lets you write RESTful web services using the same tools you'd use to write any web applications, not with a separate framework. That's how it should be: traditional multi-page web applications tend to be eminently RESTful, after all. I think it's a good idea to make what's behind your modern rich client-side applications in JavaScript RESTful too: that's what I've been doing for some years now.

Lots of people claim to do REST, and they're all wrong! Okay, well, not all of them, but many of them are. They do all the rest of REST, except the very important bit called HATEOAS, which has the scariest acronym ever, I can barely even spell it, but basically means you link your REST resources to each other, just like you'd link web pages. Morepath does HATEOAS out of the box, because Morepath is good at paths. It's in the name.

Join me on the Morepath and read how to do REST with it!

As always feedback is very welcome. Even a little bit of feedback can mean a lot to me. It gives me ideas. Leave a comment here, or join the ever burgeoning #morepath IRC channel on Freenode. Seriously. I counted like 5 people there today! Including me. I'm totally not lonely!

Have fun reading!


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