lxml 0.9.1 released!

  • By Martijn Faassen
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  • 2006-04-06
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  • lxml
  • linux

A bit late, but still worth a blog entry: lxml 0.9.1 was released last week! This is a bugfix release following up on the great 0.9 release done a bit before.

With the 0.9 release, lxml is really shaping up. It has a ton of features resulting from the input from many people, and most importantly includes a lot of work done by the extraordinarily cool Stefan Behnel who has been driving a lot of lxml development for a while.

lxml 0.9 contains a lot of new stuff: performance improvements and integration with libxml2's error reporting functionality, custom Element classes and SAX support, and XSLT extension functions, and that's only part of the list, most of which has been done by Stefan.

lxml 0.9 was also the first release where we worked with eggs. If you have the right versions of libxml2 and libxslt installed on your system, you can now use easy_install lxml to install the latest version of lxml (0.9.1 right now) and start working with it. Thanks to eggs contributed by a range of people, we've got eggs for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

So, check out lxml!

And here's the lxml cheeseshop entry with the various eggs, source code, and a windows installer as well.