Morepath 0.2

I've just released Morepath 0.2! Morepath is your friendly neighborhood Python web microframework with super powers.

Major changes include:

And various smaller tweaks. You can also read the changelog.

What makes Morepath special? You can read about its superpowers and read how it compares to other web frameworks, but here are some highlights:

  • Route to model, then look up views. This leads to better link generation, better generic views, better reusable code.

  • Have apps that can extend other apps, combine apps together. Extend and override anything, even Morepath behavior itself, but don't affect other apps in the same runtime.

It's lots of power contained in a small codebase.

(If you followed the Morepath link above, ignore the 0.1 in the title bar there: those are the 0.2 docs, not 0.1. I've now fixed the doc building configuration to include the version number from the package itself.)


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