Morepath 0.3 released!

Today I've released Morepath 0.3!

Morepath is a Python web framework that lets you write simple, flexible code for the modern web, and makes linking to things as easy as it should be.

New in Morepath 0.3 is the ability to write path directives that absorb the rest of the path. This is useful when you want to integrate a web server with a frontend that does its own client-side routing using the HTML 5 history API. In that case the server-side code needs an easy way to absorb all sub-paths so it can pass them to the frontend router.

Another feature is the ability to mark views as internal. This allows you to write a view that is not published on the web but is for reuse within other views.

Besides this Morepath 0.3 contains a number of bugfixes and documentation improvements. See CHANGES for more details.

If you like Morepath, please get in touch with me, either through the Morepath issue tracker or the #morepath IRC channel on Freenode. Let me know if there's interest in starting a mailing list too!