Morepath Update

I've been hard at work on Morepath recently, and I thought I'd give an update. Morepath is your friendly neighborhood Python web framework with super powers.

Models and linking

URL parameters are now a first-class citizen in Morepath model-link generation, meaning that you can generate a link like:


as easily as a link like this:


with the same invocation:

It just depends on how you register the document.

Morepath can now also automatically decode the string "100" into the int 100 and encode it back again, and this is extensible to other kinds of objects.

Much more about this can be found in the model and linking section in the Morepath documentation.


Views also have had their own powers and capabilities for a while.

Writing a generic view is as easy as writing any view in Morepath. You can extend view matching with new predicates, and composing views programmatically is as easy as calling request.view().

What's new are the docs. Read much more about views.

Comparing Morepath with other web frameworks

There are so many web frameworks, why should you even consider Morepath? I attempted to give a bit of background on how Morepath is the same and how it is different, and why, in the Comparison with other Web Frameworks document.


Even a little bit of feedback can be enormously helpful to me, so I invite everybody again to leave a comment, drop me a mail, or join us on the tiny but growing #morepath IRC channel on freenode!

Join the Morepath in the early days and gain "I was there at the time" bragging rights!


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