my EuroPython 2005 slides online

  • By Martijn Faassen
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  • 2005-07-03
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I had a terribly good time at EuroPython 2005. The quality of talks was better than ever, with a nice diverse and big selection. I gave two of them. I also was on two panels, and just shouted out comments through other talks :). If you missed it, you missed quite the event.

Next year's conference is at CERN, the place with the giant particle accelerator. We're already planning on using it to create transphasic mesonic resonance rays to make the world Safe for Python. We're also going to look for the quantum singularities and antigravity generators we're just sure they are storing there. Hope to see you there!

Last friday, I put the slides for my two talks online. Note that they're in magicpoint, so you may have to install that (mgp), or just read the plaintext source.

My first talk was on lxml, a not unfamiliar project to the readers of this blog.

The second talk was called Five in Action, and is about the Zope 3 in Zope 2 system that I helped build.

Note that the download links at the bottom of each page insist on calling the downloaded file download.cpy, so you'll have to rename things to lxml.mgp and five_in_action.tgz respectively.