New Blog Engine

My blog used to use the venerable newsbruiser system. It worked, and has a nice web UI, but looked ugly. Now I could've fixed that, but since I wanted to change my blog workflow anyway to something filesytem and version control based, I've switched to a static blog generator instead: Nikola. Thank you newsbruiser, you did well for me!

This was a fun little project: it involved taking the restructured text content from newsbruiser and generating restructured text content that Nikola could deal with, configuring Nikola, digging out the comments from newsbruiser and putting them into disqus (I hope I got out most of them), and all the little conversion issues surrounding it.

I've retitled my blog from "Python Secret Weblog" to just "Secret Weblog" to reflect my increasing focus on JavaScript code too. I still love Python, though, so I will be writing more Python-related content as well.

The blog's URL changed too: it's now at instead. I've put redirects in place on the old location to preserve links to the old articles.

I also hope that with this refresh I'll start blogging a bit more often!

Welcome to my new blog!


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