Obviel 1.0rc1 released!

I've just released Obviel 1.0rc1. This, or something very close to it, will be turned into 1.0 final.

What's new in Obviel 1.0rc1?

  • upgraded and tested with newer version of jQuery (1.9.x)
  • new Obviel Forms widget, passwordField
  • a few fixes and improvements in Obviel Template
  • a few fixes surrounding event handling

See the changelog for details (and ignore the (unreleased) bit -- I have too many things to update before a release and should automate it!). We've been getting more people contribute to Obviel lately, thank you and please do keep it up!

We're planning a few big changes for Obviel after 1.0:

  • transition code from bitbucket to github, as that seems to be the hub for JS related development and any exposure is good exposure.
  • finally finish Obviel Sync - a very configurable framework for syncing models with a backend (such as a HTTP server). We've made a huge leap forward with this recently, and there is also a lot of potential in this, so this will happen.
  • use more JavaScript tools to manage the codebase besides Buster.js which we already use for test running. The main aim right now is to split Obviel's code into smaller modules, and still generate a simple usable .js package so it's easy to include in a codebase. See this blog entry for some of my packaging explorations.