An open letter to anonymous Network World writers

An open letter to anonymous Network World writers

Dear anonymous Network World writers claiming to speak for corporate IT executives,

I read your recent open letter to the open source community with interest. You say that before free software can take on a higher profile in big IT departments you need to see the following things from us in the open source community:

  • more enterprise-class support

  • better documentation

  • a sense of stability

  • access to more platforms

  • a commitment to stay open

  • a focus on the end user.

I'm happy to say that the open source community can deliver on all of these. I presume of course that for the implementation of this wishlist, you are also willing to pay first. Supporting a healthy ecosystem of open source companies after all generally works better than slinging open letters at us. Open letters with wishlists in them feels a bit too much like looking gift horses in the mouth.

Thank you,

One member of the open source community


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