lxml released at last

lxml released at last

I've finally found the time to release lxml. So here then is lxml, release 0.5!

The very brief lxml FAQ

Q: What is lxml?

A: It's a Pythonic wrapping for libxml2 and libxslt

Q: What does that do?

A: It does XML, parsing it, writing it, manipulating it, searching in it (XPath), transforming it (XSLT), and validating it (Relax NG), plus more.

Q: But doesn't libxml2 already have a Python wrapper?

A: Yeah, but it's not pythonic at all. It's huge and difficult to comprehend, it's low level, you can get segfaults and you have to do your own memory management.

Q: Why isn't this in the Python package index?

A: I forgot my password, and resetting my password doesn't appear to work correctly. The error already turned out to be reported in the PyPI issue tracker on sourceforge.


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