Secret Weblog

  • 2020-05-18

Roll Your Own Frameworks

When I build an application, I build frameworks along the way. I recently realized that not everybody thinks this is normal, so I thought I'd give a description of what I do and why I think it's a good idea.

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  • 2020-02-05
  • 2019-12-04

Framework Patterns

A discussion of what patterns occur in software framework design.

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  • 2019-09-24

Secret Weblog Highlights

This is an old blog by now. I started it in 2005. But I'm not old! No way! Over the years I wrote a lot of stuff. Sprinkled throughout are entries that I think are still relevant. So if you'd like, join me in my little journey through the history of my secret weblog. Warning: it's mostly about software development in one way or another. …

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  • 2019-08-21