Summer of Code for Zope

Last year the Zope Foundation participated in the Google Summer of Code. We had four students, all of whom are still active in the Zope community, so we can declare this a success. We hope to participate in 2008 again, and we're looking for mentors and project ideas.

We need to show a list of mentors to Google soon, and the bigger that list the better, so if you do want to mentor, please sign up here:

Being a mentor can be very rewarding, but it does require regular contact with your student and with the mentor coordinator (myself).

We really hope to be able to participate in the Google Summer of Code again this year! Project ideas are very welcome. We're looking for ideas surrounding Zope 2, Zope 3 and the ZODB. I've already supplied a lot of ideas that surround Grok, but more ideas of course wouldn't hurt.

By the way, Plone is also participating (they're an old hat at this by now), so if your project is more Plone related, see here.