Zope 3.3 released!

  • By Martijn Faassen
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  • 2006-09-27
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  • zope

Zope 3.3 is released!

Thanks to the hard work by many contributors, but especially by Jim Fulton and Philipp von Weitershausen to get the release out, we now have a fresh Zope 3.3 waiting for us.

Besides many bugfixes, one of the most important new feature additions is a much simpler API to register local components, such as utilities. The old APIs still work, but now issue deprecation warnings. I've adjusted some code to Zope 3.3 already and am quite happy with the work.

Onwards now to Zope 3.4! Next year we expect we'll complete the process of turning Zope 3 into a collection of eggs, making it a lot easier to reuse components of Zope 3 in other Python applications, and also changing the way we develop Zope 3 ourselves.

We'll be continuing to improve our release process. For one, I'm now the Zope 3.3 maintainer. I'll be pushing people to be sure to apply bugfixes on the Zope 3.3 branch, and making sure we have a Zope 3.3.1 release in the not too distant future.

The current release was a few months later than we initially desired. We also had some comments on improving our documention on what changed in a release. An excellent start of this is already available for Zope 3.3! We have some ideas for making it work better, and will be trying to implement some of those in the next release process.