Morepath 0.14 released!

Today we released Morepath 0.14 (CHANGES).

What is Morepath? Morepath is a Python web framework that is powerful and flexible due to its advanced configuration engine (Dectate) and an advanced dispatch system (Reg), but at the same time is easy to learn. It's also extensively documented!

The part of this release that I'm the most excited about is not technical but has to do with the community, which is growing -- this release contains significant work by several others than myself. Thanks Stefano Taschini, Denis Krienbühl and Henri Hulski!

New for the community as well is that we have a web-based and mobile-supported chat channel for Morepath. You can join us with a click.

Please join and hang out!

Major new features of this release:

  • Documented extension API

  • New implementation overview.

  • A new document describing how to test your Morepath-based code.

  • Documented how to create a command-line query tool for Morepath configuration.

  • New cookiecutter template to quickly create a Morepath-based project.

  • New releases of various extensions compatible with 0.14. Did you know that Morepath has more.jwtauth, more.basicauth and more.itsdangerous extensions for authentication policy, more.static and more.webassets for static resources, more.chameleon and more.jinja2 for server templating languages, more.transaction to support SQLAlchemy and ZODB transactions and more.forwarded to support the Forwarded HTTP header?

  • Configuration of Morepath-based applications is now simpler and more explicit; we have a new commit method on application classes and applications get automatically committed during runtime if you don't do it first.

  • Morepath now performs host header validation to guard against header poisoning attacks.

  • New defer_class_links directive. This helps in a complicated app that is composed of multiple smaller applications that want to link to each other using the request.class_link method introduced in Morepath 0.13.

  • We've refactored both the publishing/view system and the link generation system. It's cleaner now under the hood.

  • Introduced an official deprecation policy as we prepare for Morepath 1.0, along with upgrade instructions.

Interested? Feedback? Let us know!


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